Monday, 17 Jun 2019

Shroud tries new mp5 in pubg new update

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Shroud tries new mp5 in pubg new update
new weapon

30 thoughts on “Shroud tries new mp5 in pubg new update

  1. I love how he "hates things that lower the skill cap" like settings that allow you to pick up weapons on your preferred fire rate…but then out of the other side of his ass he complains that the attachments don't auto switch over to your new gun which would 100 percent lower the skill gap. Fast attachment swaps from one weapon to another is a skill for sure, just like call outs with your teammates.

  2. They fucked up so bad adding the MP5k and not the regular MP5. The MP5k blows irl compared to the MP5 AND looks worse, performs not as well. Also, they barely even bothered changing the gun sound enough, it just sounds like the rest of the guns that are in the game but slightly altered with the sound. Lazy developers.

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