Thursday, 23 May 2019

Modern Combat Versus in a Nutshell

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Yeah, so this is essentially Modern Combat Versus. Not much to it. Just shoot everyone with your broken AR and or shotgun. Kill them boats until there aren’t two of them anymore!
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Credit Due ► Rusty Cage
Outro Song ► U.N. Owen Was Her?
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1 thought on “Modern Combat Versus in a Nutshell

  1. Hey guys! Just letting everyone know that I recorded 2 hours of footage for this video, although sadly most of it got corrupted :(. I'm going to make a second video with the footage that i could recover. Think of this video as a taste of what you're getting into. Subscribe if you haven't, k bye, happy birthday.
    Edit: My new discord server will soon be released. There isn't much suspense. It's just a server that less than half of my subs will join.

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