Friday, 19 Apr 2019

If You Hate Snakes Watch This – 30 Kills Failed Attempt | PUBG Mobile

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Hey YANGANG! I hope y’all enjoy this 27 Kills failed gameplay. I was trying to hard to get 30 Kills but unfortunately I was killed by a snake in the end. If you hate snakes in PUBG Mobile then you should definitely watch this Make sure to SMASH that like button!

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Device: iPhone 8plus

Editing software(s): Videoleap & iMovie

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41 thoughts on “If You Hate Snakes Watch This – 30 Kills Failed Attempt | PUBG Mobile

  1. Hoeneslty yanrique playing level is 80 but the people playing against him are very slow and kind of noobs and thier level is 30 , they dont play good , they just play , yanrique was in front of them could have killed him but didn't shoot and the guy with the car lol who stops the car without cover , that made a more easy kill for a guy like pro well good luck u will be in conquerer soon 🙂

  2. "Hate the Game, not the players" Until the game allows you to do it you are a legal player..
    I'm kinda opp while in the final circle because as I prone it's kinda easy to bring down non-fpp players who are still standing😁😁

  3. Yanrique, I've Been Watchin U 4 A While Bredda 💪🏽 You Really Motivate Me In Making Videos & Showing Off My Skills 💯& Im Jamaican As Well 🇯🇲 Lets Duo Sometimes
    Name: Røçkÿ (may be hard to type in but I've added you) 🖤

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