Thursday, 23 May 2019

How to Install the Fortnite Android Beta

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How to install the Fortnite Android beta safely on your Android phone or tablet. More:
Fortnite Android Compatibility List & Details –
How to fix Get on the Wait List Error –

46 thoughts on “How to Install the Fortnite Android Beta

  1. What should i select my platform on,i play on PS4 with my epic game account,and i was thinking that what if i select playstation and don't get my galaxy skin or what if i select epic game login and don't get my galaxy skin on my note 9,i'm sorry if it may sound funny to you guys but i really don't wanna risk it,i need to be 100% certain to what to do to redeem the skin
    Help would be really appreciated🤗

  2. I am already waiting a week but is still cant play. I already downloaded it but when i start up it says that i need to sign up for waiting list. help please

  3. I was so excited everything went well but in the last download it says app not installed with an exclamation point in a triangle /:
    I did everything you told me to, I enabled the downloads but it still won't work ):
    Someone please help!!

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