Thursday, 25 Apr 2019

Grand Theft Auto Clones -10 GTA Ripoffs

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If you love Grand Theft Auto don’t play any of these, but I hope you like the video! It took months to make and hopefully it takes you on an adventure!

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42 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto Clones -10 GTA Ripoffs

  1. 2:53 that house you see here this model was made xformgames!!! And the other cars and people models are from gta vice city and gta 3! And some car models were made by xformgames too!

    And xformgames created a new webgame a few days ago called Police pursuit 2 this game is really cool

  2. I wonder if the people who download these realize that gta San Andreas, gta vice city, and gta three are all on Google play. (and as a side note, don't get mad, but I think that San Andreas is the best game in the franchise. There is literally no point in downloading these knockoffs.)

  3. DAMN I thought of this video idea a few months ago but I thought it wouldn’t go anywhere so I didn’t do it but now ppl are getting hella views for this so I just lost my opportunity to blow up 🙁

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