Thursday, 25 Apr 2019

Funny & Rage Voice Moments | PUBG Mobile Lightspeed | Salty Deaths!

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Here is a entertaining Voice moments video for you 🙂
Just for you 🙂


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Device: iPhone 6s plus
Screen recorder: ios recorder
Outro song: sonbeat instrumental

If you have a sick/funny clip send it, to be featured in a video 🙂

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Lightspeed Name: IzzoG
Lightspeed China name: Izzo

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30 thoughts on “Funny & Rage Voice Moments | PUBG Mobile Lightspeed | Salty Deaths!

  1. I wanna say thank u all for 10k subscribers! You guys have been very supportive to help me reach This far.

    I’ll soon do a tips & tricks video, on how to become a better player 🙂

    Hope you’ve enjoyed This video 🙂

  2. How are you, I am Hussam from Iraq. One of your admirers is your follower. I ask you to explain to us the settings of the game and how you are setting up your game. Today you will record and publish your video. Thank you.

  3. 3:16 “you motherfucker I missed my shot, his gun is m4, ok my bad, I missed my shot, ok I'm done, I missed my shot, shotgun lost to m4, I missed my shot” (keeps repeating)

  4. The Chinese guy was like:Wah,that Mother fker,I didn’t shoot him,he killed me with the M416,(the rest is just him talking abt his gun not managing to hit him and rambling)

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