Monday, 17 Jun 2019

Fortnite Cube Solved! (Path, Runes, & Loot Lake Activation)

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THE FORTNITE CUBE EVENT HAS BEEN SOLVED! No, seriously, for real. Last night reddit users noticed a glitch with the game that would reveal the future path if you played lowest settings on mobile. The rune locations would render grass when no other location on the entire map would. The thread revealed that it will travel past Retail Row, Wailing Woods, Tomato Temple, Pleasant Park, and then finally activate in Loot Lake! Now if only we could get the ARG solved!

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43 thoughts on “Fortnite Cube Solved! (Path, Runes, & Loot Lake Activation)

  1. What if a ufo crashed at loot lake long ago so aliens went to destroy it before a humane found it but something happened in space causing the ship to explode leaving one survivor (the visitor) the out side of the pod melted but not all of it so you could see some roboticall parts the prisoner wakes up from hyper sleep makes a rocket because he needs back up goes into light speed later they send something to destroy it (the cube) the cube explodes but fails to destroy the ufo under loot lake this attracts ice king and the frosty flights crew ice king leads because he can track were the meteor landed with the meteor he has long story short cracks open up and this allows the dig sites to get a head start on digging since the ground isn’t as solid as it was before and they find the ufo but accidentally activate it and a pod comes to it to open one door and 4 more pods come to do the same

  2. The map is not accurate it went past the mountain and into tilted towersIt took a turn and jumped straight off the pier in loot lake and then it melted in an after Melted The water turn normal and then exploded in the purple water

  3. The cube went thrue tilted towers and it went off won off a pier in to the water it melted into the water and the water is not purple and it’s bouncy

  4. Bro
    1) we thought the meteorite was going to hit tilted towers

    2) then we thought the rocket was going to hit tilted towers

    3) and now this block is going to loot lake

    Maybe loot lake will become dusty loot

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