Thursday, 25 Apr 2019


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This is a custom game with heavily reduced damage! Oh and – it’s just a joke. COD is a great game and this game mode was just stupid – but hillarious!

42 thoughts on “CALL OF PUBG – When COD meets PUBG

  1. That's how pubg works for me every day. Yesterday, guy crouch in front of me (20 meters away) get hesdshot with Kar and still alive. Ive taken the m416 he became multiple hits and still alive. I pushed him, 3 ak shots at me and I was dead with complete T3

  2. Wish firefights on xbox were more like this… But no everyone hides and waits and hit detection is fair at best. You can fire at someone hit them easily and consistently one game and somehow miss shot after shot next game.

    They need to give this game some love on console. I drove through a mountain today and through a hil into a lake last night. Ranked system for games to seperate no lifers from normal dudes like me working 50 hours or more a week. Forcing map rotation so its not vikendi vikendi vikendi vikendi on quick join. The list goes on.

    I love pubg its a great game but it needs help

  3. Great video man! I didn't know what to expect. Reminded me more of the division though. You were right about it improving your accuracy. With everybody being bullet sponges, you can really fine tune your sensitivity. Looks like fun

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